The General Store

Part of my day trip to San Francisco last week was a visit to the outer outer Sunset and the wonderful General Store. I can’t remember where on the web I first found the General Store but I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Owner Serena Mitnik-Miller was super nice and she and a sweet pup (sorry no picture) were manning the shop that day. There is a charming backyard space filled with succulents and cacti, lots of sun, and a slew of wood blocks being prepped, I believe, to become some art pieces. Along with a great outdoor space the interior of the shop is simple and inviting with some really nice details like reclaimed wood for shelves and stones in the display cases. And yes, that is a giant piece of driftwood out front as a bench.

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They stock Manimal – a lovely sunburst necklace that’s hard not to love, vintage turquoise jewelry, my favorite Enormous Champion tea towel, local art, and Pendleton blankets. The General Store also has Found My Animal leashes, some great books, studio pottery (I would love that little caramel one on the left and the large-ish one by the front door), and the front window is chock full of endearing terrariums of all sizes. Pretty much all the stuff I really love.

I could have easily walked out with about seven things but I settled on one item, an adorable felt doily from Wolf and Bear. I would love to show you pictures but I can’t find it. It’s not in the bag I took that day. It’s not in my coat pocket; it’s too big to fit in the pocket but I checked anyway. It’s not under any of the lovely pots I had planned to put it under, nor is it under the pile of clothes in the bathroom. It’s not in the hallway, the kitchen, or the closet. I’m afraid I’ve lost it, which is so unlike me. A reason to head back out into the Sunset and the General Store, I guess – who wants to come with?

general store | 4035 judah street, san francisco, ca 94122 | 415.682.0600

2 Responses to “The General Store”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Too bad! Did you call the store to see if you might have left it there? (Did Miss E eat it all up without a trace?)

    • I think they are closed on Mondays so I’ll call tomorrow but I’m pretty sure I left with it… It is fabric so Etsuko snacking on it was a possibility but I got it because she usually doesn’t bother with such heavy felt. Oh well.

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