Sewing Machine Saga and (minor) Camera Catastrophe

Over the past few months, ever since testing out MCM’s sewing machine, all I’ve wanted to do was get my own machine and start figuring out what craftiness I’m capable of. I looked online, comparing different models. Looked at what all the creative people I admire were using. But then I was very nicely surprised by Pops with a machine that arrived at my work one day. Unfortunately it arrived in several pieces and was completely unsalvageable. It looked as if it had a sledge hammer taken to it, it was such a shame. But JB came to the rescue and offered up her old black and gold Singer. Oh, is it pretty, and runs as nicely as you could ever want. It has no automatic button-holer (look at  it, it has no automatic anything), one thing I though I must have, but I’m sure I can figure out how to make button-holes the old-fashioned way. I started a few small mending projects but now that I’m back from vacation and work has settled down I can tackle this next step in earnest.

As well, on the last day of my trip, my digital camera starting acting up. It couldn’t focus on anything and zooming was an issue. It’s about four years old and may be at the end of its days. So there are no photos of my thrifty finds that I brought back from Palm Springs. Possibly no photos of anything for awhile. I’ll try to keep the blog rolling (just when I was ready to get back in the swing of things) and get all 13 rolls of film I shot developed and scanned to keep things interesting around here. But things won’t look the same for a bit I’m afraid.

2 Responses to “Sewing Machine Saga and (minor) Camera Catastrophe”
  1. eugene says:

    The machine is so exciting! It’s beautiful! Even if it didn’t work, aesthetically, it’s worth it! Too bad about your camera! I had the same issue recently. Lame!

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