Pottery and Plates

Small blue bowl from Pickle Thrift and acorn pot from The Discovery Store.

Rad Rio souvenir plate from Pickle Thrift. I can see that these are going to be a problem for me as I just can’t resist them.

Danish Selandia dish set by Desiree from Dress Best for Less and large vase from Pickle Thrift.

I live with a menace of a cat and in earthquake country but I just can’t keep away from breakable crockery these days. Every time I see a bit of studio pottery I snatch it up. I have to start being a bit more judicious in my purchases. The little blue bowl has such wonderful color to it and the acorn pot was too cute. The souvenir plates, well, there is no good explanation for those, I just love them without reason. The large cream vase will be perfect for flowers, and it is extremely heavy; any liquid filled vessel in TOA will be knocked over by Etsuko so this piece is perfect.

As for the Selandia plates, did I need more dishes? No. Do I have an actual matching set of anything? No. I have plenty of things to eat off of and drink out of, but much like my previous bathroom towel situation, nothing matches. The other day, while poking around on Piedmont Avenue I thought I might check out Dress Best for Less. It’s a shop filled mostly with clothes, and they can be of a rather matronly sort, but I knew they had a small selection of dish towels and  crocheted bits so I went in to see what was new. At the back I saw a staggeringly large stack of nice stoneware dishes, just to my taste. For $12.00. For all of them. I really didn’t even think twice, I just brought the top plate with the price tag up to the counter, said I wanted the lot, and asked if they could be wrapped up. The woman saw my eagerness and I think regretted the low price tag, but put everything in newspaper for me and I was on my way. I have seen similar nice dish sets at the Discovery Store but someone there knows how to work a Google search and things are usually a little pricey. DBFL always has more budget friendly prices. It wasn’t until I got home that I bothered to count how much I had bought, which ended up being 24 pieces. Now, I love Heath Ceramics and I have a friend who is slowly building a collection, but for .50 cents a piece, I’ll take my Danish stoneware, thank you very much.

3 Responses to “Pottery and Plates”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Nice buy on the Danish set. And, IS that Mrs Rasmussen flying down to Rio??? She does get around, and is looking very sporty in her “trouser” suit!

  2. MCM says:

    LOVE the dish set. And that Rio plate! Holy crap!

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  1. […] way to much for what it was. A month later at half off? Yes! For the moment it is grouped with the acorn pot, a sweet round mirror with a bit of etching from Home 101 for $9, and an awesome geode Obasan […]

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