Oakland Art Murmur – September

I promised I would be back for the Art Murmur this month so here I am. Joining me as usual was MCM, as well as her art school buddy, and our good friend Al. I made my way to our meet up spot at Mama Buzz Cafe to start our night off with $2.00 PBR’s. Al’s big eyes fit right in with the twee teacup art; the artist nicely provided teacup cutouts for a little do-it-yourself project for those so inclined. Johansson Projects, check. On to Hatch, with my favorite of the night. The camera work of Edmund Wyss left some in the group cold, but the pieces were beautifully executed and I think if you’re a camera junkie like me they might have more appeal. I didn’t love them at first, but several of the pieces grew on me as we walked around the gallery. Chandra Cerrito Contemporary Galley was next with some intriguing crocheted branches and rocks and, after double-checking, real dead wasps suspended from the ceiling. There was something about the intention of intricately and carefully wrapping objects and the roughness and rawness of the objects themselves.

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We had to see what video installation was up at Krowswork Gallery; the artist had taken the now comfortably familiar pews and hacked them up and assembled wooden mounds containing video screens of the sky. Someone new to the gallery probably wouldn’t have felt this, but I was a little sad at their transformation. We hustled on over to Vessel Gallery because we seem to keep missing out on that one. I was more impressed with the space than with much of the artwork up at the moment but I was very pleased with the jewelry display. My favorite Luana Coonen was represented and some new work by jeweler Rebecca Deans, who draws heavily on a New England upbringing with pieces inspired by the ocean and maritime elements. Of course I liked it! Our last stop was FM Gallery and the open studios in the back. A lion with a golden mane and series of photographs were the highlights there for me.


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