Erie Basin

Someone made the comment the other day, after I remarked on the lovely and elegant engagement ring B received from D that had belonged to D’s (very much alive) mother, that I’m the type of girl who likes dead people’s jewelry. Ha, okay – yes – but I think there is a nicer way to put it. I think the commentator meant to say that I like things with a bit of heritage attached to them. Growing up two of my favorite words were brooch and brougham, Larry Lefferts taught me which length of gloves to wear to the opera, and thanks to Anne Shirley I developed a disdain for diamonds. Which is to say, I think, that I was schooled in a slightly older era of aesthetic taste.

These days it is almost universally acknowledged that Erie Basin is your spot for, well, dead people’s jewelry. I would take any of these in a heartbeat, I mean really, a monkey pin? Oh, and that last one? That one’s pretty much, sigh, perfect, you know, as far as those sorts of things go.

1890s Paste Monkey Jabot/Collar Pin

1950s American Indian Turquoise Sunburst Cuff, Silver

1890s Whitby Jet Shell Brooch

1930s 14K Setting with 0.37ct Emerald


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