Art Heart: Claire Kessler-Bradner

This week marks a Bay Area anniversary for me. Six years ago this week I arrived from a cross-country trip that started in Massachusetts and ended in San Francisco. I had a three month sublet, no job, no savings, and really, not a clue. I lucked into a fantastic apartment and found a job a block and a half away, in an amazing neighborhood. I’m only slightly less clueless and have only a bit of savings, but they do exist. So I splurged and bought some art – I blame the Vogels. Not art from someone I know or a family member. Not quirky folk art like Emilio the Lion. Art art.

When I was up at the Donna Seager Gallery last month I fell pretty hard for a piece by Claire Kessler-Bradner that shows her backyard in San Francisco on 21st Street. It is a text map done on a Royal typewriter and kitakata paper and it is thoroughly charming. Though almost ten blocks away I lived for those five years in San Francisco on 20th Street. So not only do I just like it, I’ve come to think of it as a memento of my time there.

2 Responses to “Art Heart: Claire Kessler-Bradner”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Nice way to remember!

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