Gorgeous George

I have two local pet stores that I love to go to, Paws on Piedmont, where everyone is so sweet and which is by TOA, and George on 4th Street in Berkeley, which is close to work. George recently moved off of 4th Street proper and has a new location that is a little harder to find, but once you see the space you’ll know why the decision was made. Gorgeous is hardly even the word for it. Beautiful diamond glass panels cover the entire front wall, lofted ceilings, and lots of wood. Forget about a pet store, it’s someplace I wouldn’t mind living.

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The original George, a wire hair fox terrier, hangs above the front door greeting you as you come in and as you go. Plenty of cat and dog food (you know, the really good kind), special treats (doggie cupcakes!), tons of collars, beds, blankets, and more toys than even the most active pup or puss would know what to do with. George also has vintage animal ephemera interspersed throughout the store making it just as much fun for the human visitors as the free snacks do for the furry kind. I stopped in a while back to pick up a toy for Etsuko, a coral snake I couldn’t wait to see her toting around, but I really fell in love with the series of beaded collars. Hand done by Thomas Begay from Santa Fe, in sizes for dogs and cats, they are beaded in traditional looking Native American designs on leather. Pricey to be sure, but if you only had one article of clothing that you wore everyday you might feel like splurging on yourself, right? So why not your pet? If I could be sure that Etsuko wouldn’t chew the thing to bits she’d probably be getting one.


| 2411 california street, san francisco, ca | 415.441.0564

| off 4th street, next to sur la table, berkeley, ca | 510.644.1033

2 Responses to “Gorgeous George”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Love Coral the Snake!

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