Stonemountain and Daughter

I was searching around the other day for fabric stores in the Bay Area (I love, and will always love, Piedmont Fabric, and of course there is Britex, but I knew there had to be more going on around here) and found Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics. ‘Found’ makes it sound like a tiny hidden gem. No, this place is huge, with more bolts of fabric than I could have even imagined. Gorgeous things. Inspiring things. I couldn’t help but overhear a girl, plainly from out-of-town, gush over everything in sight. She literally started hyper-ventilating and had to sit down.

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Woven Guatemalan cotton, bright silks, Pendelton-esque wool, sweet florals, batiks, Japanese cottons, retro 1950’s prints, days and days worth of happy sewing. Of course they also have all the trimmings, even some yarns, and a substantial remnant and discounted section. On a return trip I picked up a bunch of that leopard print silk but the other remnants I was liking were gone as was the 1/2 off Native American print cotton. Someone bought the whole bolt! The Guatemalan cottons are being kept in mind for a lightweight quilt and pillows and the Pendelton wool…let’s just say my couch needs a major overhaul and I can’t get the brown-black-red print out of my head.

stonemountain and daughter fabrics | 2518 shattuck avenue, berkeley, ca 94704 | 5510.845.6106

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  1. […] like to remove all that black paint and take it back down to a pale wood if possible. That gorgeous wool fabric from Stonemountain and Daughter, would it be comfortable? Is it even the right weight? I’m […]

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