To Die For

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This may be a bit of a controversial post. Because I’m going to talk about tie-dye. Some of you may have lived through the original wave of peace, love, and understanding, and the tie-dyed clothing that went with it. For myself, I spend much of my time in Berkeley and there is certainly a long history (and a capitalization on that history) of the style there. But I’m liking this right now, especially the beautiful work of Shabd Simon-Alexander. Much of her work is good old tie-dyed fun but many of her pieces are simply elegant, a very fresh take on this old-fashioned method of dyeing (the Japanese shibori is amazing, yes?)

Photo 1: Tie dyed scarf and acid wash dress by Dusen Dusen.

Photo 2-3: 19th-20th century Japanese shibori from Sri Threads.

Photo 4: Top by  Shabd Simon-Alexander and dress via Opening Ceremony.

Photos 5-9: Clothing by Shabd Simon-Alexander.

Shadb Simon-Alexander has been giving classes in dyeing; I’d love to take a trip to Brooklyn and give it a go. I have already purchased a few bottles of RIT dye. If all goes well you can be sure I’ll share the results and if it doesn’t we can just forget we ever had this conversation.

One Response to “To Die For”
  1. Jerry Smith says:

    I believe it was John Sebastian who, after being captured by some hippies, said “they took away my clothes and when I got them back they were beautiful” or something to that effect. If you have to ask “who is Jon Sebastian” you don’t remember tie-die the first time around.

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