Ode à l’Oubli

I am very fond of all things hand-crafted, from a tea pot to a dress to a whole house. So when I came across a piece of artwork by Louise Bourgeois, Ode à l’Oubli, it very much appealed to me, especially with my current obsessions over sewing and textiles. Louise Bourgeois assembled a 36 page book made from scraps of fabric – clothes, linens, even nylons – held together by buttons and with a spine about three inches thick. It is one of those pieces of artwork that goes against our teaching and invokes the desire to touch; books after all are meant to be read and fabric is what clothes us, warms us, the cozy barrier between us and that which can be cold and harsh. I love that, excepting two pages with minimal text, this is a memoir that can be “read” in a different, more tactile way.


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