Sew much fun!

Okay, sorry for the pun but it’s exactly how I feel right now. MCM is out of town and I am checking in on her feline companion Soph. We set up MCM’s sewing machine last week and she graciously offered to let me use it when I stopped by. I have some pillow cases that need a little love* so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play around a bit before I get my own machine (which must happen soon, I’ve got the sewing bug). MCM’s apartment was cool and comfortable. But there was no sewing table, pins, stitch ripper, fabric chalk, measuring tape. I sat on the floor and did it all by eye. Chewed up pillow cases from CB2 and Ikea and a 1/2 yard of pretty new floral fabric. I played around with invisible zippers which came out as good as they can without a zipper foot for the machine. My new favorite stitch is nicely homey (the pillow cases are a bit girly-er than I usually go but I’m happy with them). So are they perfect? No. Do I think they are awesome, love that flowered fabric and now want a shirt made from it, and feel very satisfied at having accomplished something, even just a small something? Yes.

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*Many of you may not know of Etsuko’s chief quirk. Not only does she do normal cat stuff, like unspooling the toilet paper off of the roll, walking on the keyboard while someone is trying to get some work done, slowing nosing an interesting object off the counter, but she eats non-food things. Fabric primarily, shoelaces are a favorite. This tank top illustrates her technique well. So these pillow cases had been her victim despite my best efforts and I am sure they will be again, so I am not overly concerned with some of the less than perfect execution on the slipcovers. This is just a first effort, but now I know where I’m going!

Dress form detail from artwork by Anthony Chase.

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