Art Heart: The Art of the Book

a.c.e shows his artwork up at the Donna Seager Gallery in San Rafael, and one of his pieces needed a little touch-up repair. He asked if I wanted to go along for the ride. You bet! A grey Oakland morning turned into a pleasant sunny afternoon once we got over the Richmond Bridge; we had to deal with a little bit of traffic but once there we found a close and easy parking spot (twice) so that’s about breaking even in my book.
Donna’s current show is ‘The Art of the Book‘ and I was pleased to have a leisurely stroll around the gallery while a.c.e. was stuck doing some work. The gallery is a beautiful, open, airy space, with just so much wonderful work to look at. My favorites from the show, featuring handmade artist books, altered books, and book-related pieces, are in the slideshow along with a few other wonderful pieces from her artist roster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pamela Paulsrud and Claire Kessler-Bradner have added themselves to my ever growing list of art I need to save money for. Pamela Paulsrud’s ‘Touchstones’ in particular; they really are like wonderfully smooth mathom-y beach stones you want to pick up and keep in your pocket. I seriously had to resist touching them. I think about five of them, in a stone bowl, would be so nice in TOA. Claire Kessler-Bradner’s remembered maps of her neighborhood just struck me as so charming, I want one of those too. I also enjoyed Lisa Hasegawa’s Ilfant Press with old wooden spools of thread (MCM and I just picked up a bunch of these at the Creative Reuse Depot the day before. I joked they would make a great art piece. In the right hands, they do.) Ann Weber’s Turvey is also amazing. Basically, so much good art going on here, stop by whatever show is current, and make sure to head down the street to Sol Food for lunch. Best thing I’ve eaten in a long time.

‘The Art of the Book’ runs until July 31.

donna seager gallery | 851 4th street, san rafael, ca 94901 | 415.454.4229

3 Responses to “Art Heart: The Art of the Book”
  1. alice says:

    So, I went to Anthony’s site, Northern Wind, and was blown away by how amazing his artwork is! I especially love the painting titled “Hounds”…go figure, right?

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