For Me, For You

For Me, For You is a new blog I have just stumbled over out there on the interweb. For Me, For You is put out by Kate Miss, a girl who likes baby blue nail polish, cool glasses, has a cat Wendy with issues who is probably still a luv anyway, takes beautiful photographs, and makes crazy covetable jewelry. Kate, so glad to have found you! Her online shop is filled with hand-crafted necklaces inspired by the friendship bracelets one would make and share from childhood, Indian summers, and the colors of the southwest. I would gladly take one of everything but it seems her little shop is sold out at the moment. Since I’m supposed to be sticking to the challenge (3 1/2 months down) it may be for the best (and why does it seem to be jewelry, like this and this and this, that’s getting to me?) How much would I like to layer a handful of these at a time, though?

Update: in going back through previous For Me, For You posts I see that Kate has the Marine Life poster; this girl just got even cooler.


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