Bearing Fruit

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I went out to the courtyard last evening to give the garden it’s daily watering and noticed that the small flowers on the tomato and strawberry plants have put forth some fruit. I do not feel I can take too much credit for this, the plants have done most of the work, but I have have succeeded in not killing them, which I do take great pride in. The pepper plant seems to be progressing at a slower rate and is only just flowering. The rest of the courtyard is flourishing, it is becoming such a nice spot. There is one plant that I have been keeping eye on. When PT moved out they left behind several plant pots that I have slowly been filling with succulent cuttings and placing around the house. I went to clean out one such pot and found under the top layer of dirt that bright green shoots were growing. So I have been tending to this little group of plants, they grow more and more each day, and wait patiently to see what is in store.

One Response to “Bearing Fruit”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    Tiny tomatoes and interesting shoots. Can’t wait to see what they are!

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