Pickle Thrift: May Edition

Beautiful skies after several days of grey and rain made me itch to get out a bit; I’m planning the first barbecue of the season and what will essentially be my house warming party so supplies needed to be acquired. Not things like charcoal, ice, or chips but things like tablecloths and dishes, you know, the really important things. So, off to Pickle Thrift! Some days the universe aligns for you and everything falls into place. The grocery store has everything you like on special. You hit all green lights on your way home. Someone compliments you on how you look on a day when you were feeling unsure of that new outfit. Your favorite thrift store has an abundance of truly great finds. So it was today. My main mission was to pick up a tablecloth and napkins and possibly a serving bowl for the barbecue and finally get the sweet little silver tray I’ve been wanting. I held off on the napkins for now, feeling sure that I can probably find something a bit better or just pick up what they did have later. The silver tray, unfortunately, was gone. Everything else was success!

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In the pile of furniture on the sidewalk was a wonderful old scale, for maybe $20; I didn’t get it but it was worth a photo. The fantastic foursome of creepy ceramics milkmaids? Didn’t get either, but they were definitely worth a photo. I found two little flecked mugs, the colors a great compliment to the tablecloth and perfect to hold condiments or pickles, .50 cents each. A remarkably unstained tablecloth from Cacharel, 4.00 dollars. The first book on top of a pile was a tiny paperback, with dust cover still intact, of what looks to be a guide to Japanese gardens, written all in Japanese, 1.00 dollar. A large milkglass-esque bowl, perfect for chips or salad, 4.00 dollars. Two small ashtrays from Harrah’s Casino, 1.50 each. No smoking here at OE but I do have a friend who used to work at Harrah’s so they are more of a joke; maybe I’ll fill them with toothpicks. A charming brown glazed coffee mug which may be on the small side for me but I’ve been seeing it at Pickle Thrift for a while now and at .50 cents, I threw it into the basket.

The least expensive item, coming in at a whopping .10 cents, is a postcard of a street scene in Italy. As with the book it was on the top of the pile and I desultorily picked it up, thinking more about whether or not I should buy the orange napkins. It’s of the Piazza Garibaldi in Parma, Italy. It is from ‘Mommy’ to ‘the Rasussens’ in Berkeley, California, dated Oct. 2, 1957. She writes of riding through the Italian countryside in a chauffeured car and visiting, among other things, a tomato paste plant. She signs off with, ‘Be good children.’ My family, on Obasan’s side, is originally from Parma and has some connection to the tomato paste industry. I checked through the pile and it seems the Rasmussens were quite the world travelers, but none of the other postcards had the meaning the Parma one did. My favorite find is this last one. I didn’t think twice about getting it, not at 1.00 dollar. It is a tourist type souvenir plate from Hong Kong, with some standard designs on the rim and a photograph laid down in the center. It is the woman in the snapshot that sold me. She is fabulous; the bag, the hat, the crisp white dress, and the giant glasses. I have no reason to think this but in my mind she is the ever elegant, globe-trotting, Mrs. Rasmussen. At the register my total came to 13.10 dollars, the nice lady threw in one of the ashtrays for free! It was my day.

2 Responses to “Pickle Thrift: May Edition”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    You had me at the Hong Kong plate! Dear, chic Mrs Rasmussen…………

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