Berkeley/East Bay Humane Society

Yesterday morning a.c.e. and I were biking to work and our route takes us down 9th street in Berkeley, right past the East Bay Humane Society. This is where Etsuko was adopted from a year and a half ago. There was a horrible acrid smell in the air and as we got closer we could see piles of burnt waste on the sidewalk and people bustling around. We hoped that everyone was okay, but as you can see from this email I received this morning that was unfortunately not the case. I hope they are able to recover from this quickly; if you are able, any small donation would be appreciated, I’m sure, and it can be done easily through paypal.

Dear Friend,

Early this morning, a major fire destroyed a large section of our shelter at BEBHS. We lost our entire cat sheltering area and laundry facilities, and suffered additional damage to our offices and other parts of our shelter. We are currently without water and electricity.

We lost 15 of our beautiful cats who were available for adoption, but all of our dogs survived and are currently being cared for in our kennels and at an emergency veterinary service.

We write to you today because we need your help. Please make a donation online, by mail or by phone (our phone lines are being transferred to the Fliqz office in Emeryville) – see below for address and phone information. Any and every amount will make a difference. We need your support in order to recover from this tragic accident and continue to help homeless dogs and cats find their forever homes.

Click here to donate today.

Thank you for your continued support.


Stacey Street
Executive Director

To send your gifts by mail, please make checks payable to Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society, and mail to: 2700 Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.

To make a gift over the phone, please call (510) 845-7735. All calls will be forwarded to the Fliqz office, where we will be able to take your donation.

One Response to “Berkeley/East Bay Humane Society”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    How awful! I just sent them a donation, in Miss E’s name. (I printed up a cute picture of her for a notecard, so they could see how wonderful she is!) Hope others will help out.

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