The Navy Chair

111 Navy Chair

1006 Navy Chair

The Emeco 1006 chair, more commonly know as the Navy chair, is a classic in American design. You’ve come across it so many times, in so many places,  you’ve probably stopped seeing it. The 1006 was commissioned by the US Navy in the 40’s for use on the fleet while at sea; the contract stipulated that the chair needed to withstand a blast from a torpedo to the ship’s hull. The  Navy chair also has a legendary American marketing backstory (it’s mentioned in a Mad Men episode that hints that the story is apocryphal.) When premiering the chair at a furniture show Emeco’s founder and the 1006 designer Witton C. “Bud” Dinges threw the chair out of the sixth-floor building to prove it’s durability. When retrieved the chair only had a few scratches on it.

But that was then. Now this canonical design piece meets the quintessential 20th century product, with a rather 21st century bent. The new 111 Navy chair is the melding of this classic chair with Classic Coca-Cola. The 111 is made from 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles and production of this chair is expected to keep three million bottles out of landfills per annum. Exclusively available from DWR the new Navy chair comes in six colors one of which is, of course, Coca-Cola Red.

Myself, I’d like a set of Emeco folding chairs for the courtyard.

Photos via Emeco + Design Within Reach

3 Responses to “The Navy Chair”
  1. Carol Baker says:

    “inter-esting…!” I’ll have to pass that info along to S. Of course, he will already know!

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