The List Maker

Redoing a whole apartment is a large undertaking and I am one to be easily distracted (ooh, look, something shiny!) So to focus myself and force a little accountability I have done up a list of major things that seem to need to be done to get this place ship-shape. Luckily Obasan is the queen of list makers so I will take a page from her book.

  1. Frame EVERYTHING.
  3. Finish painting the bathroom.
  4. Find storage cabinet for bathroom.
  5. Install lighting in bathroom.
  6. Build bookshelves.
  7. Build bench.
  8. Paint hallway.
  9. Install lighting in hallway (waiting on DWR, so slightly off the hook for the moment.)
  10. Buy mirror and drop-leaf table from Mignonne for hallway.
  11. Hang large mirror in hallway.
  12. Reading nook chair.
  13. Not kill the sweet little plants I got for the garden and have a meal from them.
  14. Paint Kitchen.
  15. Sew kitchen curtains.
  16. Refinish coffee table.
  17. Reupholster couch.
  18. Clean out mud room.
  19. Figure out Aperture so I can print some photographs (see 1+2)
  20. Have DS paint mural in living room.
  21. Lighting in Kitchen
  22. Lighting sconces over fireplace.
  23. Invite everyone I know over to CELEBRATE!

I think with all of that done I can be significantly satisfied with this space and move on to the next large life project.

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  1. […] been much ‘home’ work being done at TOA lately and that I should be checking in with my list. Or looking around on the web for other peoples lists, that could also be a good use of my time. […]

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